How to get a home safe – a guide for beginners


Earning a fortune could be quite stressful, especially if you’re not the kind to keep your assets to the bank. Sure, the interest rate is low and the bank does tend to ask a lot of questions when you want to withdraw large amounts of money at once. And what about all your other valuable belongings?

Stocks are mainly digital, and so are bitcoins, the latest worldwide craze. But if you own jewelry, art or valuable paintings, the bank won’t guarantee their safety for free. So why not avoid paying additional amounts of money to the bank and buy your own home safe?

There are plenty of aspects to consider when looking for the right safe for your house, but I am sure I will let you know about the most important.

The size of the safe

Most of the customers who opted for the best home safe in their opinion started regretting their choice a couple of years after their purchase. The main reason to do so is that they didn’t consider the right size of the safe. The trick is to think and plan ahead, and not just buy a box that fits your current possessions.

If you’re a guy who’s into art and jewelry, you will most likely keep on collecting these items in the future as well, so you will need plenty of space to deposit them safely. Thus, you should consider buying a larger safe than your current needs.


Improved protection

Another extremely important aspect to keep in mind is that a safe should provide just that – complete safeness for all your assets inside, regardless of the outside conditions. In other words, the safe should be waterproof, fireproof, and theft-proof. This way, no matter what happens to you or your house, the possessions kept inside the safe box will remain safe and sound.



This aspect truly depends on what you are planning to store inside the box. Usually, home safes are pretty portable in order to allow the owners to deposit them in various locations, away from peeping eyes. However, you don’t want a safe that is too lightweight and easy to carry, especially if you worry about thieves.

On the contrary, you will require a sturdy construction that cannot be easily carried away, but still, you can move its location without requiring additional help.

Consider the things you are about to store

Last but not least, different types of assets require different types of vaults. You can choose between wall safes and floor safes, as well as safes specifically designed to store weapons. Keep in mind that regular safes are not suitable for storing guns or large objects and lack the necessary technology to prevent the risk of accidents.

Bowfishing Is an Underrated Sport

Not many people would think that going after fish with a bow is the right way to do it. However, bowfishing is a thing, and, in my opinion, a good thing. Just let me get one thing straight from the get-go. You don’t go bowfishing so you can take fish home to fry or give to your missus so she can make fish soup. Needless to say, this is not the kind of fishing that would bring you some important trophies.

But bowfishing does have its advantages. It is great for the environment, and it also gives you a good workout. Plus, if you have ever dreamed of fishing with a bow, it is possible. Let me give you my two cents on why I think many people should practice bowfishing more.


Bowfishing is gaining popularity as we speak

You may be surprised to learn that bowfishing is quite a popular sport in the US. The thing is that going for the fish with a bow requires more than what an angler usually needs. You need to have good eyes, fast reflexes, and to not mind the burn in your muscles as you draw your bow.

I have to say that I find bowfishing pretty addictive. You are practically both a fisherman and a hunter at the same time. You don’t just have to sit inside your boat and wait for fish to bite. You are going after it with a weapon that requires skill and accuracy. My friends are all in love with bowfishing, and they are quite addicted, as well.

You can go bowfishing in a boat or a canoe, but there are no strict particularities when it comes to this sport. You can even practice it from the shore, and you will be thankful for the workout. You may even think of canceling your gym subscription.

It is good for the environment

Now, in regards to what kind of fish you want to hunt with your bow, there are strict regulations. The good news is that you can go after carp, which is an invasive species and destroys the delicate balance in our rivers. In the US, the carp is known as a ‘rough’ species, and its destructive action against the ecosystem earned it a place among the worst invasive fish species in the world.

Carp is a bottom feeder, which means that it feeds on vegetation, practically destroying food resources for other fish. When it spawns, carp stirs up the silt from the bottom, creating that muddy water that is so unsightly. That is not the only thing that happens. The silt ends up suffocating the growing vegetation and even other fish eggs.




Tips on cleaning your drill press

You needn’t go to extreme lengths to clean your drill press, but there’s a set of rules everyone has to follow once in a while if they’re all for prolonging the life of their machine. Both accuracy and drilling performance can be affected if the components are dirty and worn out. That’s why it’s important to take the drill press apart from time to time and examine the condition of the drive belt, spindle and chuck, pulleys, column, and even the table.

Some machines can be affected by rust, and that’s no friend of ours as it can have an adverse impact on the functionalities and the overall way that the drill press is capable of serving you. It’s important to get a rust remover and clean heavier deposits, at least on occasion.


Lighter grime can be dealt with with a solvent or degreaser that’s available at most stores near you. Many of the cheap ones that you’ll find in any shop are just as good as their higher priced counterparts, so if you’re not looking to spend a fortune on such substances, my advice would be to invest in a couple of budget-friendly ones.


The main issue is that most drill press users fail to understand that preventing a problem such as corrosion can be done efficiently and with as little effort as possible as long as you’re willing to preserve your machine in top shape for future tasks. For example, if you’re not a great friend of rust, I recommend a protective spray like the Bullfrog Rust Blocker. It’s not particularly expensive, so I’d like to point out once again that you needn’t break your piggy bank for this purpose. The protective spray should be used on any metal surfaces that are bare, including the chuck, the column, or the table.


Something that has helped me in the past was to keep the machine clean right after wrapping up a task. I know that sometimes, it can be rather hard to clean right after yourself once you’ve decided that you’re done with using your drill press. However, I have to emphasize that a clean environment can help you focus a lot better and will also assist you in prolonging the life of the machines you might have in your workshop.

In order to make sure that the bit is centered properly, you should use a bit of drying lubricant and spray the inside of the chuck with it. All you have to do is use the lubricant, then loosen and tighten the screws a couple of times, leave the solution to drip out and then wipe everything nice and clean with just a rag. I don’t think it can get simpler than this, so these are my pieces of advice. If you have any extra ones, be sure to let me know about them. Also, if you’re tired of your old model and you want to buy a new drill press, I recommend gathering some info from this site:



How I bought a fishing knife


As a professor who is passionate about fishing and tools, I have accumulated a variety of gear to support my passion. One of the most significant investments I have made, in my opinion, is my fishing knives. It took me quite a bit of research to find the perfect knives for my needs, let me tell you. The good thing is, I was able to ensure I was indeed getting the best.

My advice to those who are now searching for their own fishing knives: look into the following components when purchasing your tool:

Take note of the size of fish you are targeting.

If you prefer to do fishing in local rivers stocked with crappie or rainbow trout, an excessively long knife ten inches or greater will be quite the overkill. An extremely large blade could just ruin the meat in smaller fish during the cleaning process. Indeed, although I had already owned a large fishing knife with a ten-inch blade, I felt I still needed to get something smaller that I have been using on my catch of rainbow trout or crappie every time I visit our newly stocked local river.

The large knife I have is used on grouper or medium-to-large catfish that I catch when I go fishing out of town with my fellow professors who are also avid anglers. I never attempt to use my large blade when working on smaller fish because it tends to be rough on the fish and I am not the most careful fish handler either. However, the larger knife enables me to save time gutting and cleaning larger fish.


Pay attention to the quality of the blade.

Stainless steel blades have always had a reputation for keeping their sharp edge for a long time. That’s the kind of blade I prefer. Stainless steel promises dependable resilience against corrosion, which is vital considering the nature of the task the knife is used for. A hunting knife and a fishing knife should be equally strong and durable, and I cannot stress that point enough

The difference lies in the blade of a fishing knife being tempered sufficiently to facilitate smooth and thin cutting when needed. I searched for the most flexible knife I could get for the money to support that objective. To ensure that my fishing knives are able to slice through bones and other tough sections of the fish, I made sure there was a serrated portion toward the handle end. This meant I no longer had to buy a separate knife with a fully serrated blade.

Take into consideration your personal style as well.

I believe the knife has to suit the fisherman. A folded knife is great for those who need to have their tool constantly on hand as it can be pocketed conveniently in a fishing vest. I bought knives with their own sturdy knife sleeves or sheaths to prevent injury to myself when reaching for the tools. The cases also protect the blades of the knives from damage.

It is also advisable for anglers who have carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis to find a knife with an ergonomic handle. Do try out various handle shapes to ascertain you get one that is comfortable for you.

Fishing should be fun and exciting. Therefore, your tools should be made to ensure that. The fishing knife you choose is not an exception, so choose wisely and choose the best for you.


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3 useful tools to have in your workshop

The collection of tools in your workshop determines the level of productivity and creativity you can offer to potential customers or even just to derive a feeling of fulfillment for yourself. Whether you are deeply into DIY home projects or intend to make a business of your projects, the types of tools you own pretty much dictate what you will be capable of doing. These are the three essential tools that any workshop should have.


Miter Saw


There’s a whole lot of options on miter saws out there, with plenty of popular brands offering their own lines for this type of workshop tool. You can choose from three different types of miter saws. The compound type can cut a range of angles while being able to swivel to one direction for beveled cutting. This feature is highly useful for slicing material at two different angles, and should produce desired results for such tasks as crown molding.

The sliding compound model carries a sliding feature that enables the saw to shift forward and to the rear. The moving blade accommodates the need to cut wider pieces of wood. A dual-bevel compound miter saw resembles a compound model, except that it can tilt both sides (left and right) to enable you to do angled cutting of the wood without the need to flip the stock for proper positioning.

Most DIYers go for 10-inch sliding compound miter saws, with powerful 15-amp motors. The 10-inch miter saw blades are often interchangeable with a table saw’s blades so you won’t need to do a separate purchase to use both tools. A 7.25-inch cordless compound miter saw offers easy portability in a compact package.


Drill Press


For the weekend handyman or seasoned craftsman, a drill press is essential for cutting precise uniform holes into almost any material. The size of the drill press is determined by the size of the holes you want to make as well as the material you want to bore holes into. If you’re crafty, a mini drill press with higher RPMs and lower power consumption can get you by.

One of the most versatile pieces of workshop equipment you can own, a drill press ensures that drilled holes are to an exact depth and are of the needed size, making the machine indispensable for elaborate hole-drilling projects in less time and with dependable consistency, effectively preventing the costly wastage of materials. Most drill presses even come with a swiveling worktable that enables angled drilling. Choose from mini-, benchtop and free standing drill presses.




No, this is not that modem-like contraption that gets your home connected to the web. We mean woodworking routers here. A compact trim router is all you really need if you just intend to soften sharp edges on wood pieces or cut the occasional small profile.

A midsize plunge router, on the other hand, is the perfect do-it-all tool for a variety of routing applications, delivering a dependable balance between power and technique. Covering more bases than a trim router, midsize models are typically outfitted with a 1 ¾ to 2 ¼ HP motor and require two-handed operation, with either a plunge-style or fixed base.

This type of machine handles mortising and dovetailing, moderate to large profiling cuts and all-around woodworking. A full-size router will only be optimized for large raised panels or profiling bits for cabinet doors. Otherwise, it provides more machine than you will probably ever use for standard joint making and profiling.


Some router models offer combo sets that have a fixed and plunge base for versatile routing options. The essential elements you want in a router include: variable speed; electronic feedback circuitry; a soft start; above-table adjustability; a spindle lock.




What I Learned About a small sized Drill Press

Now, this thing became so popular and I was so curious about it. First time I heard about this was when my neighbor told me about the best drill press vise he bought which really impressed a lot of people including his family and friends. I really wanted to have one for myself also because it is really known for boring holes accurately. Aside from this, it also has a lot of features according to my neighbor.

So hearing about this, I was very interested in getting one for myself. However, instead of having a medium sized drill press just like he bought last month, I want to buy myself a small drill press. Of course, I never wanted to take a risk in buying something that I was not sure of so I really did a lot of research and guess what I found out about small drill presses.

Actually, small drill presses are also a hit in the current market. What is good about these small sized drill press is that it is very accurate in boring holes not only in wood but also in metals and plastics. This is very important if you want to fasten materials together. In buying a small drill press you need to take into consideration its capabilities especially the power and capacity.

You may think that there are a lot of tools that can bore holes on different materials but there are just some things that small drill presses are really good at such as safety, versatility, accuracy, ability to drill angled holes and its good functionality. These are the different abilities that you need to take into consideration in order to find a tool that will give you a hundred percent satisfaction.

There are a lot of small drill presses available in the market and I find some of the best from many best models I found: Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station ,  TruePower Mini,Proxxon Bench Drill Machine, Euro Tool Bench-Top,  and SE Mini Bench Jeweler Hobby. These are just a few of the best available models but if you are looking to find certain specifications that are not available in these models then, of course, you can look for a small drill press that will certainly fit your style and wants. Just remember to put into consideration the drill press’ power, speed, attachments, adjustments and throat depth.