Bowfishing Is an Underrated Sport

Not many people would think that going after fish with a bow is the right way to do it. However, bowfishing is a thing, and, in my opinion, a good thing. Just let me get one thing straight from the get-go. You don’t go bowfishing so you can take fish home to fry or give to your missus so she can make fish soup. Needless to say, this is not the kind of fishing that would bring you some important trophies.

But bowfishing does have its advantages. It is great for the environment, and it also gives you a good workout. Plus, if you have ever dreamed of fishing with a bow, it is possible. Let me give you my two cents on why I think many people should practice bowfishing more.


Bowfishing is gaining popularity as we speak

You may be surprised to learn that bowfishing is quite a popular sport in the US. The thing is that going for the fish with a bow requires more than what an angler usually needs. You need to have good eyes, fast reflexes, and to not mind the burn in your muscles as you draw your bow.

I have to say that I find bowfishing pretty addictive. You are practically both a fisherman and a hunter at the same time. You don’t just have to sit inside your boat and wait for fish to bite. You are going after it with a weapon that requires skill and accuracy. My friends are all in love with bowfishing, and they are quite addicted, as well.

You can go bowfishing in a boat or a canoe, but there are no strict particularities when it comes to this sport. You can even practice it from the shore, and you will be thankful for the workout. You may even think of canceling your gym subscription.

It is good for the environment

Now, in regards to what kind of fish you want to hunt with your bow, there are strict regulations. The good news is that you can go after carp, which is an invasive species and destroys the delicate balance in our rivers. In the US, the carp is known as a ‘rough’ species, and its destructive action against the ecosystem earned it a place among the worst invasive fish species in the world.

Carp is a bottom feeder, which means that it feeds on vegetation, practically destroying food resources for other fish. When it spawns, carp stirs up the silt from the bottom, creating that muddy water that is so unsightly. That is not the only thing that happens. The silt ends up suffocating the growing vegetation and even other fish eggs.